Basic cycling gloves types and their importance

Levi Brewer | September 9, 2019 | 0 | Retail

When going cycling, you should not only think about your cycling jersey, cycling shorts, or cycling shoes. You should also think about what cycling gloves to wear for a more comfortable ride.

Comfort and protection are very important when you go cycling. Whether you are an amateur cyclist or a professional, you should have the correct cycling apparel, such as a cycling cap, cycling bibs, and arm and leg warmers.

The type of gloves you choose depends on what you will use them for. Are you looking for full-finger gloves or half-finger gloves? Before buying cycling gloves, make sure to check with a reputable bike shop for the best pair of gloves perfect for your ride.

Below are different types of cycling gloves according to their uses:

  1. Road bike gloves —If you are using a road bike, you can use the traditional style mitts that are designed to be cool and comfortable especially for long rides. These gloves have gel padding that adds an extra layer of comfort and protection to your hands.
  1. Winter gloves —These are designed to keep your hands comfortable while riding during the winter. They are perfect for keeping you warm and dry even as you ride throughout the whole winter.
  1. Mountain bike gloves —There are different varieties when it comes to mountain bike gloves. But, the basics are XC or cross-country bike gloves designed for finger-grazing protection in case you tumble, yet light as possible to keep you cool while riding. You can also opt for all mountain/trail bike gloves that are perfect for tougher terrains. They are a bit similar to XC gloves, but they will keep your grip on the best of trails. Then, there are the downhill/freeride gloves that are perfect for a full-time bike racer or weekend warrior.
  1. Motorcross gloves —These gloves have a little similarity to the downhill/freeride gloves. However, they have a bulkier design that offers more protection in the knuckle area to help you deal with roost. These help you hang on to your ride for a well-deserved win. Check it out at Mellow Johnny’s

Why wearing cycling gloves is important

You can hardly find a cyclist who doesn’t wear cycling gloves when riding. While gloves come in different shapes and forms, they serve an important purpose. Below are a few of them:

They help absorb shock

A lot of gloves sold on the market today are packed with cushioning or gel padding that is built into the palms. Padding helps absorb shock from bumpy roads you might encounter while riding. The shock and impact of bumps in the road may carry up through your arms and into your shoulders. Thanks to built-in padding, you won’t feel any aches in your shoulders, neck, and back after riding the whole day.

They protect your palms in case of a crash

Putting your hands out as you start to fall is a normal reflex reaction to catch yourself and break the impact. The best cycling gloves can help protect your palms from tearing up when you skid across the pavement or rocks. Your gloves will take the beating and save your hands from being wrecked by the impact.

Improve your grip and control of your bike

Being on a bike can make you sweat a lot, especially on humid days. So, its more likely that your palms will be all sweaty. Similar to cycling jerseys, gloves also help keep your hands dry and allow you to have a better grip on the handlebars. The gloves also help trap your sweat and keep it from drifting in your shifters.

These are just a few perks you get to enjoy when you use cycling gloves. On top of that, you should also wear mens cycling socks for better feet protection while riding. To find out which cycling clothing and apparel is perfect for you, visit

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