A brief insight into watches made of wood

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Since the watch was invented, man has become time conscious. He has started wearing a watch so as to keep in tune with time for his daily and business routines. Like any other product of the modern era, even watches have witnessed a great transformation. There was a time when watches were made of stainless steel, bronze and even gold. Now watches are made of plastic and even wood! In fact, now wooden watches have become the fashion of the day.

Made of different types of wood:

Of course, by the term wooden watches, it means the case or outer cover of the watch, including the dial is made of wood. As a matter of fact, in most of the models, the strap is also made of wood. In short, these are basically quartz watches put in an attractive wooden case with wooden strap. For example, there are watches, which are made of maple wood, oak wood and Korean wood and so on. There are also watches made of Bamboo.  Some of these watches have combinations of different types of woods.

Various designs and styles:

These watches are now available in different designs, styles and features. Many of these watches are now available in unisex designs. For example, there are fancy watches and also sports watches made of wood. Interestingly, there are also luxury wood watches, which offer several versatile features.

In addition to these, wooden watches have several other salient features. These features are summarily explained here:

·        Of course, wooden watches are eco-friendly, light in weight and are non-toxic. They are available in different colors like brown, army and chocolate and so on. These watches are also available in different combination of colors.

·        These watches are available in different price ranges so that people from all groups can buy them. For example, there are economy or budget watches, which are available for about $80. There are also expensive wood watches, which have a price tag of about $180! Many of the expensive watches have dial and the outer case which is attractively designed with intricate carving or painting works.

·        Some of the other features of authentic wood watches are that they are scratch proof and have Miyota movement. As you may be aware, Miyota is a wrist watch mechanism from Japan, which is known for its accuracy. The watches are made of hardened wood.

Care of watches made of wood:

Many people feel watches made of wood should be worn only during special occasions. On the contrary, experts point out these watches should be worn every day. With continued wear, these watches get extra glaze or patina. At the same time, remember watches made of wood are not water-proof. Also, these watches do not require any polishing. As already said, wear them frequently and if possible every day. That is enough to make the watch shine. If you want to adjust the size of the watch carefully remove the pins. Normally, detailed instructions on these are available in the booklet which comes along with the watch.


Of course, watches made of wood are a wonderful addition to the world of watches. Depending on the quality of wood and its processing, these watches would shine on your wrist for several decades.

Buying Pre owned Rolex and Luxury Rolex Timepieces…

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For over 100 years, the name Rolex is one that has been associated with quality, high precision luxury watches. The Rolex is the undisputed king of the Swiss luxury watches and one of the most coveted timepieces in the world. The Rolex watches are characterized by top end design features, luxurious elements in the design, along with very intricate details in the overall design of the timepieces. It is for this reason that Rolex watches are some of the most expensive timepieces in the world but you can still get a piece of the Rolex magic when you buy used Rolex watches for less that guarantee you incredible quality and luxury and are as good as new.

At the online watch retailer, you will be able to choose from a vast array of pre-owned Rolex watches carefully selected by Ziv Tamir which are available at very competitive prices. These are the pre-owned Rolex watches which are perfect like new condition and are guaranteed to offer you an absolute value for money.

The website offers users a great assortment as well as incredible flexibility when it comes to the purchase of their Rolex watches. For example, it is possible for buyers to opt for the custom Rolex dials or the custom Rolex bezels when they buy used Rolex watches for less. This high level of customizations offered at the website means that buyers can find timepieces that are built distinctively to suit their tastes. The high level of personalization in the sales process means that you will find the Rolex timepieces which are perfect as new and are uniquely what you are looking for. You will not have to settle for less when purchasing your Rolex watches.

The customizations of the pre-owned Rolex watches will take many forms. For example, you can have an after-market diamond work added on the timepiece in order to suit your tastes and preferences. Most of the watches by the Rocks On Clocks have been uniquely customized by independent jewelers as well as craftsmen. The watches are pre-owned and are used and still retain the unique and ultra-new finish and are as perfect as new when you purchase them.

At the Rocks On Rolls website, you will be able to buy used Rolex watches for less and be guaranteed of authenticity in the timepieces. These timepieces have the unique Rolex serial numbers as well as reference numbers in place. These are often viewable when you remove the watch band that is placed between the six and twelve o’clock ends of the timepiece.

The Rocks On Rolls purchases these pre-owned Rolex watches in pristine and immaculate conditions and buyers are assured of timepieces which are good as new. Both cosmetically and mechanically, the pre-owned Rolex watches that you will purchase from the website will be in mint condition thus giving you an absolute good value for money. Before being added to the website, these watches have undergone thorough inspections in order to ensure they adhere to the best quality standards.

With the company’s Watch Customizer feature, buyers will be able to have custom applications of accessories on either the dial or bezel in order to create unique timepieces that they’ll truly love. The company stocks not just pre-owned Rolex watches but also other top end designer watch brands in the market.

Owning A Rolex Watch Has Never Been Easier

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To most people, a Rolex is more than just a watch – it is the testament to a person’s success and earning capacity. Aside from telling time, Rolex watches are prized accessories, with the name “Rolex” being synonymous to prestige and success. Not everyone can afford a Rolex, but fortunately for them, Rolex watches are no longer out reach for most people. Rocks on Clocks buys watches, and sells used and brand-new watches at the most affordable rates.

Why Everyone Wants A Rolex Watch

When you have a Rolex, it means you’ve made it in the corporate or business world. Yes, a watch is simply a watch to most people; a device used to tell time. However, everybody knows that when it comes to watches, Rolex is the king. Rolex is the brand of choice for CEOs of big companies, multi-million dollar tycoons and other influential people in society.

This is why people will go to such great length in order to procure one. It doesn’t matter if they have to live within their means for a few months or end up with a lot of debt, as long as they buy a Rolex watch. When you have a Rolex, it means you’re a success – it gives the wearer more prestige and self-confidence. As shallow as it may sound, people are more likely to take you seriously and respect you.

Best Rolex Deals Online

For most people, a Rolex is just a dream that refuses to become a reality. Although it is highly coveted, it is still just a watch and people still see it as a luxury that’s fit for the rich and famous only. It’s not a necessity per se, and if you’re barely scraping by month after month, a Rolex watch may seem like and impractical and unrealistic purchase.

Online auctions, personal ads on Craigslist and other channels might give you opportunities to purchase a used Rolex for a fraction of the cost. However, like most things on the Internet, not all sellers are legitimate. People know that some would do anything to get a used Rolex Airking or Datejust and take advantage of the situation, luring unsuspecting victims into a scam deal.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about falling prey to scam transactions or purchasing faulty watches by mistake. Rocks on Clocks buys watches from people who no longer need it and selling them to people who do. The company engages is buying, selling and trading of Rolex watches both new and used. They also offer customization and personalization services for all Rolex watches.

The Lowdown on Rocks on Clocks

Rocks on Clocks buys different types of timepieces, from preowned Airkings to never-used rolex datejust (new style). They accept all sorts of timepieces no matter what the condition and they give the most competitive values and estimates for your watches. You can net more profits from your preowned Rolex datejust on Rocks on Clocks compared to pawning it off or selling it to another individual.

Timepieces they collected and bought from dealers and private individuals are then resold, but not without careful cleaning, maintenance and some adjustments. The company observes high standards and sell only the best merchandise. They fix watches up and makes them look more presentable before selling them to the public at reasonable prices.

Nowadays, you don’t need a high-ranking position at a prestigious company to own a Rolex watch. Rocks on Clocks buys watches and takes them off other people’s hands for re-selling at affordable prices. This ensures that you get the perfect Rolex watch for a lower price with the guarantee that all transactions are legit and 100% safe.