Wooden Watches for Men – Beauty and functionality

Levi Brewer | October 22, 2018 | 0

Wood is a naturally-occurring material and if a watch strap can be made with it, the wearer could get a feeling of wearing a part of nature on his wrist. If the wood for this is drawn from wood that is reprocessed, it also serves to help the environment. This is because no trees would be cut to make these wooden watches. However, one does not admire a watch, just because it is made with wood, but a mens wooden watch really looks nice and pleasant aesthetically.

Watches in Different Colors and Designs

When we look at a typical wooden watch, we can see that the dial looks no different from any watch, with a black or a color dial that matches the color of the wood. The wooden strap’s color also varies from a very light cream to dark brown and even black color. The best wood watches have better quality dials and movements and almost take the form of a jewel. There are also gift ideas of the watches and can be purchased with a box, which is also made from wooden material.

In terms of the varieties of mens wooden watch, there are small, medium and large-sized watches. It is a question of the choice of the individuals. Some like to wear large watches on the wrist, some don’t. Next the shape of the dial, like any conventional watch can be around, square or rectangular even.

It is in the type of wood that the varieties really stand out. Ordinary people may not know these varieties or the names they are called by. Some are known by the color, like beige, brown and chocolate and others by the wood, like teak.

Some Innovations in the New Arrivals

The manufacturers of wooden watches keep launching new models and styles, especially when the festival shopping is at its peak. The new wooden watches have a few innovative ideas, like matching leather straps and so on. The color of the strap in most cases matches the dial. Some newest wood watches have dual time displays and other features also. Nowadays, there are watches, which are termed unisex in the sense that a mens wooden watch can also be worn by women.

Craftsmanship is Also Equally Impressive

As mentioned, these watches with wooden dials and straps, made of wood or other, material look beautiful. Many of them appear pieces of art besides being a functional machine. With the types, shapes and models available across the board, the choices and tastes of a large part of the public get met. The watches are also great ideas for gifting. It has become a kind of fashion to gift things related to nature. The person receiving the gift will also be appreciative of the idea. Many corporate organizations believe in distributing complements to their customers. They could choose these watches made with wooden material.

Lastly, these watches also come with a normal warranty of up to 2 years and this is as good as it gets. So browse through the site, choose the color and dial you like and order. It would be like any online purchase.

A brief insight into watches made of wood

Levi Brewer | October 22, 2018 | 0

Since the watch was invented, man has become time conscious. He has started wearing a watch so as to keep in tune with time for his daily and business routines. Like any other product of the modern era, even watches have witnessed a great transformation. There was a time when watches were made of stainless steel, bronze and even gold. Now watches are made of plastic and even wood! In fact, now wooden watches have become the fashion of the day.

Made of different types of wood:

Of course, by the term wooden watches, it means the case or outer cover of the watch, including the dial is made of wood. As a matter of fact, in most of the models, the strap is also made of wood. In short, these are basically quartz watches put in an attractive wooden case with wooden strap. For example, there are watches, which are made of maple wood, oak wood and Korean wood and so on. There are also watches made of Bamboo.  Some of these watches have combinations of different types of woods.

Various designs and styles:

These watches are now available in different designs, styles and features. Many of these watches are now available in unisex designs. For example, there are fancy watches and also sports watches made of wood. Interestingly, there are also luxury wood watches, which offer several versatile features.

In addition to these, wooden watches have several other salient features. These features are summarily explained here:

·        Of course, wooden watches are eco-friendly, light in weight and are non-toxic. They are available in different colors like brown, army and chocolate and so on. These watches are also available in different combination of colors.

·        These watches are available in different price ranges so that people from all groups can buy them. For example, there are economy or budget watches, which are available for about $80. There are also expensive wood watches, which have a price tag of about $180! Many of the expensive watches have dial and the outer case which is attractively designed with intricate carving or painting works.

·        Some of the other features of authentic wood watches are that they are scratch proof and have Miyota movement. As you may be aware, Miyota is a wrist watch mechanism from Japan, which is known for its accuracy. The watches are made of hardened wood.

Care of watches made of wood:

Many people feel watches made of wood should be worn only during special occasions. On the contrary, experts point out these watches should be worn every day. With continued wear, these watches get extra glaze or patina. At the same time, remember watches made of wood are not water-proof. Also, these watches do not require any polishing. As already said, wear them frequently and if possible every day. That is enough to make the watch shine. If you want to adjust the size of the watch carefully remove the pins. Normally, detailed instructions on these are available in the booklet which comes along with the watch.


Of course, watches made of wood are a wonderful addition to the world of watches. Depending on the quality of wood and its processing, these watches would shine on your wrist for several decades.