Demystifying the common myths about dental health and repair

Levi Brewer | September 9, 2019 | 0 | Healthcare

Many people postpone a visit to the dentist for a lot of reasons. They may feel they cannot afford the surgical tooth extraction cost. Also, they would think that the procedure is going to be painful. Or, they just feel that don’t need it anyway.



surgical tooth extraction cost




Dispelling some of these myths should remind you how essential dental health is:


1. Children’s teeth are healthy


There’s no such thing as an early time to ask for the cost of tooth extraction. Dental issues can begin even before the children reach their teenage years.

In 2018, Queensland Health reported thousands of children with severe tooth decay, and at least 4,000 kids below nine years old ended up in a hospital because of it.


Health experts, like Fix Dental, encourage parents to see their dentist as early as possible. As soon as the child starts showing teeth and eating solid food, they may already need to begin seeing a dentist.


It’s also best for the child to undergo a dental checkup at least once before they reach four years old.


2. Dental services are expensive


The word “expensive” is subjective. A typical surgical tooth extraction cost may be cheaper for others. It may be hard to afford for some.


In reality, the price varies according to several factors. These include geography, age of the patient, procedure, and dental condition. The dental implants Brisbane cost may be more affordable than the one in Sydney.


You can already get discount plans as Medicare Australia covers essential dental procedures. You can approach your local government to learn more about the programme’s initiatives and schemes.


At the end of the day, you’ll end up spending more when you don’t treat dental health problems immediately.


3. You need to remove your wisdom teeth


Not everyone grows wisdom teeth, and some of those who do may only have one instead of four. You also don’t need to remove them unless they become troublesome.

Wisdom teeth are an extra set of molars that make your mouth overcrowded. They can affect the way you bite and speak, as well as damage the nearby teeth. They can also be painful when they become inflamed.


If you have problems with these teeth, you have the option to ask for the surgical tooth extraction cost today. You can then determine whether your dental plan or insurance can cover it. This way, when you’re ready to have them removed, you have the means to fund the treatment.


Note: Wisdom tooth removal surgery tends to be pricey, and it may be encouraged to seek out cheap dentists. There’s nothing wrong with that unless the clinic is suspicious. Worse, the dentist doesn’t have enough qualifications. Always make your safety a priority.


4. All dentists are the same


Like other healthcare professionals, dentists can also specialise in certain fields. For example, those who work with teeth alignment are orthodontists. Those who deal with children are pediatric dentists. A periodontist deals with issues affecting the gums.


A general dentist has a broad scope and knowledge, but they may refer you to a specialist for complex cases.


5. Tooth extraction is painful


It can be for some, but most patients usually don’t feel anything during the procedure. The dentist can provide you with either local or general anesthesia. It depends on your health condition and the complexity of the case.


You may experience numbing or throbbing pain a few hours after the extraction. The dentist, though, usually recommends medication to alleviate feelings of discomfort and reduce inflammation.


It may be cliché, but prevention will always be better than cure. The failure to get dental checkups can lead to more severe complications. See your dentist today!


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