Family Doctor vs. Specialist – Where to Go for The Proper Care

Levi Brewer | September 9, 2019 | 0 | Healthcare

Different illnesses call for different doctors. There is a doctor for nasal problems and a different doctor for reproductive health concerns. You go to a doctor for lung illnesses as well and a different one for vision problems. With all the various specializations of health care providers, it can be confusing at times of emergencies. Should you contact a specialist or a family doctor Portside has today? How do you know which doctor to go to first?



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This article will help you differentiate family doctors from specialists. This way, you will be able to seek help from the right health care provider.


What is a family doctor?


As its name implies, a family doctor takes care of any member of the family. This includes infants, children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. They also take care of a person’s health throughout their lifetime. Finding a family doctor Portside offers is not difficult since they usually have clinics in medical centres.


Family doctors focus on preventive care. This means that they help their patients stay healthy, as well as promote their physical and mental well-being. They educate their patients about illness treatment, disease prevention, and managing medical conditions. Thus, they are trained to provide a wide variety of healthcare services depending on the patient’s needs.


When should I go to a family doctor?


Except for medical emergencies, family doctors should be your first point of contact during illnesses. Instead of going straight to the ER, going to a family doctor Portside has these days will give you primary care if it’s not urgent.


Family doctors have known patients their whole lives, from infancy to adulthood. They know their personal and family histories. They can also build long and lasting relationships with their patients and their entire family. And if a patient needs a specialist, they can refer them to a trusted one.


What is a specialist?


Specialists are doctors who have received advanced training in a particular branch of medicine. There are specialists for bone, heart, lung, stomach, brain, and reproductive health as well as many more. Thus, they specialise in treating a particular illness of an organ instead of performing overall check-ups or pre-employment medical Portside has to offer.


Whenever you experience any health concerns, your family doctor is the first physician you should consult. However, if the doctor feels that you need further assessment, they might refer you to a specialist. This is because there are illnesses that only a specialist is equipped to treat unlike most GP Portside has these days.


Final thoughts


Therefore, if you ever experience any illness that is not a medical emergency, your family doctor should be on your speed dial. They will be able to treat and diagnose minor health issues and determine if you’re good to go. If they detect a bigger health problem that requires further medical attention, they will know which specialist to refer you to.


If you’re looking for a family doctor that offers professional and personalised healthcare services, go to Portside Medical Centre. They offer various areas of practice, such as health assessments, immunisations, and family planning Portside residents currently trust. For more details, visit at

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