Quick notes for an enjoyable getaway in Treasure Coast Florida

Levi Brewer | August 15, 2019 | 0 | z----transportation

Treasure Coast is a nicely preserved region at the east coast of Florida. It got its name from European ships that carry treasures, and sank due to violent storms at the coast. Other than treasures buried in shipwrecks, the region also boasts fascinating getaway attractions. If you want to experience Treasure Coast, plan your trip ahead of time. Book a Fort Lauderdale airport shuttle for an almost 2-hour journey to the Treasure Coast.

Take note of this guide for your next Treasure Coast holiday

Planning for a Treasure Coast escapade? Here are a few essential reminders you should remember:

Reaching the place

There are plenty of travel options available to reach the Treasure Coast. Booking a Treasure Coast airport shuttle Star personal transportation is a convenient choice. However, it’s wise to know about popular land and air travel options for tourists.

Land travel

You can reach Treasure Coast through the US Highway 1, Interstate 945 and Florida Turnpike. The US Highway 1 travels through the Indian River Lagoon, while the Interstate 95 runs through the Fellsmere Road.

Moreover, you can travel by auto train to Sanford if you’re from Virginia, Norton or Washington DC. And from Sanford, you can pay for a car ride to the Treasure Coast.

Air travel

There are airports in and around the Treasure Coast which serve domestic and international flights. Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Miami airports are few options outside the Treasure Coast. It is where you can find St. Lucie County International Airport, Martin County at Witham Field. The Vero Beach Municipal Airport and Sebastian Municipal Airport are also nearby.

Fortunately, shuttles services to Treasure Coast are available from outside the region. For example, you can book Fort Lauderdale airport shuttle to reach Port St. Lucie in about 2 hours.

Communicating with locals

Treasure Coast locals came from areas of the south. It’s wise to know some southern words and jargon that locals use. For example, it’s common to use “buggy” for shopping carts, “pocketbook” for wallets and “spigot” for faucet. It’s also great to learn some Spanish since Treasure Coast sits near Miami.

Good thing there are many personal drivers who teach people about local language. Be sure to book an airport shuttle port St Lucie star personal transportation service to make the most of your escapade.

Things to enjoy in Treasure Coast

Treasure Coast is an underdeveloped region when it comes to urban improvement. However, that makes it a nicely preserved area which houses many natural wonders. Professional drivers of Star personal transportation services can bring you to such places.

Beach activities are common, such as swimming, sunbathing, fishing and even surfing. It’s also a habitat of endangered species, like the loggerhead, leatherback turtles and West Indian Manatee. Sports attractions are also available, such as golfing, polo, tennis and motorcar racing among others.

This is just a quick guide for an enjoyable getaway in the Treasure Coast. Be sure to prepare your itinerary a few weeks before travel to avoid inconvenience.

If you’ll travel from the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Airport, book a Fort Lauderdale airport shuttle to reach Port St. Lucie in Treasure Coast. Connect with Star Personal Transport for the best and most affordable services.