The Bridesmaid Dilemma: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dresses

Levi Brewer | January 27, 2020 | 0 | Fashion

Choosing between bridesmaid dresses is tough, perhaps only second to choosing the perfect wedding dress from shops like Belle et Blanc at In addition to the different designers, companies, styles, and colours, you must appease several women at once!

You do not even want to read about all the horror stories that brides have written about appeasing a single picky bridesmaid, while dealing with five others who are complaining. In order to ease the pain, here is a short guide that will help you choose the right bridesmaid dresses for your girls.

Start with research

As you plan your wedding, it is critical that you start browsing through possibly hundreds of bridesmaids’ dresses online. During your research, bookmark the dresses that impress you the most and share them with your proposed bridesmaids. If you are working with hardcopy magazines, tear out the pages and pin them to a board where you can zero in on the right colours and styles.

Remember your budget

If some or one of your friends have even taken part in a bridal party previously, they will know that bridesmaids usually cover the costs of their dresses. Gently remind your friends but be considerate of their lifestyles. If a proposed bridesmaid dress will be a financial burden for one or more of your friends, consider choosing another one within the affordable range.

In fact, you can make things easier for the bridesmaids by picking out your favourite colour and letting them pick their favourite styles. You could also consider hiring the bridesmaid dresses from rental sites, so your friends have a wide choice from high-end designers in various colours and styles at an affordable rate.

Follow shopping etiquette

Consider a shopping experience that best fits your personality. For example, if you are strongly opinionated, you should be shopping alone or with one friend. If you like their input, flip through websites together, but give your bridesmaids guidelines on the fabric or colour you prefer.

For the bridal dresses that match your preferred style, you can order your gown from shops. like the one at, early before choosing the bridesmaid dresses. Depending on your location, your gown can take up to four months to arrive and up to six more weeks for the alterations. During this period, you have enough time to work with your bridesmaids as they find, order, and get dresses that fit.

Find the perfect fit

Bridesmaid dresses are usually ordered using the individual’s largest measurements for the hips, waist, and bust. Therefore, have your friends order dresses that are at least one size bigger than what they would usually wear.

In case one of your friends wants to purchase a smaller size, politely remind her that it is easier to alter larger dresses. Furthermore, if the dress is too small, your friend may be forced to order another one, and they will hate you for making them do it.

Don’t forget lingerie

Even the most beautiful bridesmaid dress can be ruined by wearing the wrong bra. So, remind your friends to get the right undergarments depending on the dress style–for instance, one shoulder or strapless.

Start your journey to the perfect bridesmaid dresses by getting your dream wedding gown at No matter your theme, style, or size, you will find a perfect match.

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