Why A Green Burial is the Best Way to Honor Your Deceased Loved One

Levi Brewer | January 30, 2020 | 0 | Business Services

It does not matter if you lost a loved one through an accident, terminal illness, or natural causes, death always brings inexplicable sorrow and grief. Though it is hard to say goodbye to a loved one whom you will never have the chance to see again, it’s something that every surviving family must do. And if you will be soon sending a loved one away, consider giving him a green burial.

By skipping a few traditional burial steps, you will not only pay proper respect to the dead, but you will also help him leave a legacy by allowing him to do something good for the environment.

How different is this burial service to traditional ones?

A funeral usually includes common hallmarks like embalming services, coffin, flowers, and some add-ons. The specifics of a green funeral can vary greatly, but the main point is they require fewer resources to take care of the body. Also, they skip some of these traditional steps to make the funeral gentle on the environment. With this eco-friendly, pared-down option, you generally cut your carbon footprint.

Why should you go for a green burial?

The most practical reason why one should opt for this environment-friendly funeral is the amount of savings the surviving family can take advantage of. Embalming, coffins, and vaults can cost you $8,000 or more. If you replace these options, or if you can scrape them all together, you can save a significant amount of money.

Some people are thinking twice about going green because they believe that embalming is an indispensable part of preserving the dead. Generally speaking, embalming is not always necessary. Though this delays the body’s composition for public display of the body, it is more likely to be a cosmetic procedure than a health and safety protocol. By eliminating this process, you can significantly lessen the adverse environmental impact of funerals.

This process can be done away with because the body should really decompose naturally. Chemicals are just injected into it, but these toxic substances will be flushed down the drain through the arterial system and are introduced back to the earth.

Another reason why many people are going green in this aspect too is right in the name – it’s an environmentally safe option. With this environment-friendly burial, no extraneous cement or embalming chemicals will be used. Also, there will no non-biodegradable chemicals and steel that will be buried into the earth. You will no longer have to worry about the carbon footprint released during cremation, too. The latter alone can help you evade emitting carbon footprint equivalent to what a car can emit in a 500-mile journey.

One of the most personal yet highly valuable reasons why you should go for a green burial is to leave a legacy to this world. With all the catastrophes happening worldwide because of climate change, lessening our carbon footprint becomes more and more urgent. By doing our individual shares in this collective effort of protecting our planet, we make the earth a safer and more living-conducive planet for the future generation.

If you go for an environmental-friendly funeral, you do not only honor your deceased loved one, but you also help him leave this world with a great contribution that the future generation will be most thankful for. You may visit swanboroughfunerals.com.au for more details.

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